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Any sport for the dogs ?

Canine sports consist in requiring to teach the dogs how to jump ever obstacles.Training and refinement take place within a canine club playing Agility. The minimum age required to compete is 18 months.These sports remain a game first of all. The dogs learn how to jump over the agility obstacles with their masters, they learn how to put in chains several leaps to succeed in making a course which, in competition, can jump over 21 obstacles there.

Training is more difficult for the master who must learn how to be well situated in the space to help his dog to jump over the obstacles.There are three categories : The dogs which jump over A obstacles measuring less than 37 cm, those that jump B obstacles measuring between 38 and 45 cm; this category includes the big dogs D category; then, those that jump over C obstacles being more than 46 cm.

Every competition offers 4 courses for every dog : The Open, The first or second or third degree (according to level), the Grand Prix of France, and the jumping. To the 3 first, the dog must, with participation and good behaviour of its master, carry out a course in the order of the numbered obstacles put down by a judge of agility in given time, and when obstacles named footbridge, swing and roof are featured by having a colored area at the beginning and at the end of the obstacle where it is asked for having at least two legs of the dog that must compulsarily touch these areas.

The last course named "jumping" at the end of day included no more obstacles to zones, it is made to relax masters and dogs.

When a dog achieved 3 competitions to the first degree without error with at least 2 different judges, it passes to the second degree.The accession to the third degree requires competition at least for 3 podium in year second degree, consistibng in 3 courses second degree without error, with the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place of the podium.

Competitions take place on Sundays and the season sometimes starts inside in January and February and outside in March till the end of October.

This is a sport where masters and dogs have to enjoy and where their participation intensifies by working and practicing.

We are very happy to present you the first competitions and results  2009 of borders collies from our breeding

We thank the masters of the accomplished work and their photos.


Dream of Patrick first competition the 9 August 2009 to Drusenheim (67) : Open et GPF without error - 1er degree et jumping 2 errors




Dream the 12 August 2009 to Abag (67)


Dream the 11 October 2009 to Erstein (67):  2nd part of certificate


Daisy ofJean-Paul first competition the 9 August 2009 to Drusenheim (67) :  1er degee without error

Daisy the 12 August 2009 to Abag (67)  : 2nd part of certificate



Daisy the 6 September 2009 to OBERNAI (67) : three part : The certificate is in the pocket


other competitiond 2010




Daisy will be to the finale GPF 2010 to Creusot


Dream of love at Corinne begins the competitions in 2010, 4 competitions and Dream of love had her agility's certificate.

She will be to the finale GPF 2010 to Creusot and to the finale by team in august 2010 to Montélimar.

Finale GPF the 3/4 July 2010

Congratulations to Dream and to Corinne that I saw : 3 competitions without error and unfortunatly 1 competion with an elimination verry happy for this team  

Congratulations to Daisy and Jean-Paul : 4 competitions very good to the championnat GPF to Creusot

Deepsy 19 MOIS : Deepsy begins competition with Emilie: The first competition the 13 mai 2010 to Peronnas (01)

This team takes a lot pleasure


After Competition the game and run are very good